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There are four base attributes and 2 derived attributes in Pirates vs. Ninjas. These numbers affect numerous abilities, your life total, your ability to hit, your ability to dodge, your ability to take a hit, etc. They are the very basis of your character and what he/she can do. They are as follows:

Physical Attributes:


This is your stat that effects how healthy and well-built you are. It helps to determine your Life total and how well you do physical tasks that require strength or resistance.

Damage Reduction

Players also reduce all damage taken from attacks by their body score divided in half (rounded down) and do damage on basic 0 cost attacks equal to half their body (rounded up)
Body =4
4/2 = 2
Damage reduction=2


Your character's physical agility. This determines how well you preform acrobatic and fine motor tests. This stat is also used to determine your reaction, and is used the vast majority of the time to dodge attacks.

Mental Attributes:


This stat represents your ability to perceive the world around you and to act accurately on it. This attribute represents your ability to notice things, piece facts together, your general intelligence that is not gained through abilities or experience, and your ability to hit your foes. It also helps to determine your reaction attribute. Half of this stat rounded up is also the character's raw damage with guns.


Your force of your personality. Your soul. That extra bit that can't quite be explained. This is your will. Your will represents your social capability and charm, your ability to resist certain mental effects, and your ability to keep it together when every other one of your attributes fails. This stat is the very forcefulness of your soul. It is also used to help determine your life total.


Your life total is equal to your (Body + Will) * 10. This represents your total energy. It's not only your health points, but what you use to charge your special attacks as well. The more life you have, the more often you can use bigger and flashier attacks.

Example: Body = 3 Will = 5 (3+5) * 10 = 80 Life = 80


This stat is the average of your agility and precision (rounded up). This is rolled every turn to determine what order players act in, in the round.




(6+2) / 2 = 4
Reaction = roll + 4


All attributes except Life are CAPPED at 10. The only exceptions to this are extreme (Gods, the Three Legendary Heroes, Aspects of the universe itself), and should not effect the average player.