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Tier: Encounter

Giant Mammals view big mouth, terrifying speed, and huge paws.


Life: 100
Reaction: 4

Body: 8
Agility: 4
Precision: 4
Will: 2


Level 1

Good Climber (Passive): The Bear gains a +2 to all climb checks.

Level 3

Bear Claw (Cost 3): This attack does 15 damage.

Level 4

Bear Rush (Cost 8): The bear uses the force of a charge to trample it's foes and claw them mercilessly. This attack can only be done if the bear charged the target in a straight line, but does 25 damage.

Crazy Rage (Variable): The bear goes into a crazy rage in order to do more damage. For every 5 life sacrificed, the next attack that successfully hits will do 5 extra damage.

Level 5

Thick Fat (Passive): Bears have a thick coat that reduces all damage from all physical or energy based attacks by 5.