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The Charreographers are an unusual group of Pirates that use dance and perfect timing to annihilate their foes. It all sounds very funny until you are danced to death by a pair of Charreographers.

High Level Charreographers can team up with other allies for awesome synchronized attacks or to end the whole thing in a dance number.


The Charreographers were borne out of one single thought. Why can't Pirates kill with dance? Admitedly, it's a weird thought, but no one's laughing now.

The Charreographers are rather unusual in the Pirate world. They don't fill any specific role on any ship, but anyone could be a Charreographer. What's stranger is that once one Pirate on a ship has become a Charreographer, the others on the ship will inevitably follow.

Their leader is the agile ex-Arrcrobat, Twinkle Toes Benjamin. No one can dance as well as Twinkle Toes and few are dumb enough to try. Twinkle Toes treats the Charreographers more like a religion than a faction though. He wants his disciples to go out and spread the word as best as they can. He wants them to dance their hearts out.

Attribute Scores

Charreographers usually need a high Will to get across the interpretation of their dance. Although, a high agility helps to pull off those really confusing stunts.


Level 1

Dancin' Fool
Pirate 1
Cost: Passive
Charreographers are excellent dancers and train constantly to get better. Charreographers get a +2 on all skill checks that can be solved with dancing.

Pirate 1
Cost: Passive
Charreographers have the unusual ability to time their attacks so some of them become more potent at the cost of other one's becoming less so. If the Charregrapher voluntarily takes a -1 to hit on one turn, he or she gain a +1 to hit on the next turn. This sacrifice must be made before the attack is rolled and the character must attack on both turns. He or she cannot do an action that doesn't require a to-hit roll to negate the minus.

Softshoe Sidestep
Pirate 1
Cost: 1
The Charreographer is an excellent Trickster. With this attack, he quickly grabs an enemy hits them quickly in the middle of a swing and proceeds to switch places with them. This attack does 5 damage.

Level 2

All Together Now!
Pirate 2
Cost: 2
The Charreographer moves in time with his allies and times his attacks perfectly in sync with theirs. He gains an extra 5 damage on his next hit as long as the attack is done on the same reaction time as another ally.

Morse Diplomacy
Pirate 2
Cost: 1 Awesome Point
The Charreographer are excellent diplomats when they want to be. Whenever a Charreographer tries to make a diplomacy, intimidation, or any other kind of social skill check, he or she can use this ability to do it with a dance number instead of words.

En Passant!
Pirate 2
Cost: 4
The Charreographer can pirouette his way right into the thick of battle. This attack allows the Charreographer to sweep his leg around him in a full 360 degree arc. All adjacent enemies take 10 damage.

Level 3

Pirate 3
Cost: 5
A very basic attack that uses the Charreographer's dance moves to hurt the opponent. This attack does 15 damage.

Double Up!
Pirate 3
Cost: 5
This is a rather unusual attack that requires the specific condition that another character with this ability must use it on the same turn for it to activate. This attack does 15 damage for every Charreographer that joins in. All activations are treated as 1 attack. Use the highest attack total to hit.

Charreographed Violence
Pirate 3
Cost: Passive
Charreographers are masters at feeling the rhythm of attacks. They use their amazing dodging skill to fake out their opponents. Charreographers with this ability ALWAYS look like they take damage from Physical attacks even when they do not. While not powerful on its own, this can confuse opponents on how much damage they have done and make the Charreographer look more powerful than he or she actually is.

Footloose and Fancy Free!
Pirate 3
Cost: 8
This attack is an unusual favorite of the Charreographers. It requires the Charreographer have an adjacent and willing ally to jump off of. Using their back as a platform to bounce off of, the Charreographer soars through the air and does 20 damage to an enemy within jumping range at a -1 to hit.

Level 4

Tap Storm
Pirate 4
Cost: 12
This attack activates a sensation in all crew members within melee range of the target the Charreographer is attacking. Everyone, moved by the music moves to attack at the same time. The initial hit from the Charreographer does 10 damage, and all allies adjacent to the enemy attack for free for a 10 damage attack.

The Thriller
Pirate 4
Cost: 1 Awesome Point and 10 Life
The Charreographer can enrapture others in his dance. The Charreographer makes an opposed Will check at a -4. If the opponent fails. They lose their next two turns as they dance along with the Charreographer. For the purposes of this ability, the target loses their attack and move action each turn. They may still speak, make spot and knowledge checks, and activate non-action buffs (like ones that gives a bonus to dodge or DR). They are also at a -2 to dodges.

Language of the Heart
Pirate 4
Cost: 1 Awesome Point and 20 Life
The Charreographer knows that dance is the language of the heart. The Charreographer changes the mind of his opponent with his dance. This attack allows a player to turn one encounter level monster or one unnamed human to his or her side for that combat. Resolve as an opposed Will check at a -4 to Will.

Pose and Explode
Pirate 4
Cost: Variable
Charreographers sometimes become slaves to the beating of their own hearts. They sync with their inner awesomeness and it bleeds through their very being. Because of this, their mortal forms cannot contain it. Anytime a Charreographer with this skill gains a number of awesome points from a stunt or attack action, the Charreographer can choose to let it out in a 3 square radius explosion on top of the point of the attack or the Charreographer himself instead of gaining any of the awesome points. All enemies in this area must make a 15 agility check or take 15 damage for every awesome point the Charreographer burned. The Charreographer must spend ALL of the awesome points they gained or none of them.

Level 5

Twinkle Two-Step
Pirate 5
Cost: 1 Awesome Point and 30 Life
The Twinkle Two-Step is a step so simple anyone can learn it, and does. The Twinkle Two-step does 1 hit for every ally regardless of range the Charreographer has as they all chip in to the deadly dance. The Charreographer DOES count as an ally for his own attack. Use agility to hit instead of precision. Roll each person's hit separately. Each hit does 15 damage.

Caribbean Airship
Pirate 5
Cost: 2 Awesome Points and 30 Life
The Ultimate Showstopper. Treat exactly as the Thriller, but it hits all opponents that can see the dance. The penalty to Dodge is also raised to a -4

Dance Dimension X
Pirate 5
Cost: 1 Awesome Point and 25 Life
The Charreographer uses an attack action and pulls all the other Charreographers together and opens the Forbidden Dance Dimension. All characters with a Charreography skill gain +2 Will and 5 damage on all Charreography attacks until the end of combat. The benefits do not include the HP everyone would normally get from increased Will. However, the Max HP is increased should they find a way to heal it.

Summon the Groupies
Pirate 5
Cost: 2 Awesome Points and 15 Life
The Charreographer summons bystanders from the surrounding area to join his or her cause. The Charreographer is joined by a number of bystanders up to HALF of his or her will (round up). This move takes a full turn. On the next turn the Bystanders come in on the beat of the player's reaction time. Each Bystander should have a 3 in every stat (save will, which is a 7). They also know every Charreography move the head Charreographer knows. Any abilities that require awesome points can be spent by the Charreographer. Finally, all of the groupies only count as 1 person to the Kurosawa Corollary since they are so in sync. However, each one only has 30 Life and does not count towards the Double Up or Tap Storm or Twinkle Two-Step abilities.