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The Great Ninja Hero, Ellipsis:

There is rarely an argument to Ellipsis' skill, and those that dared found themselves quickly silenced. In the time that Ellipsis was active, he founded over 100 schools for training Ninjas. Each of them with a different style. Ellipsis is considered to be a grandmaster of them all.

As previously mentioned, Ninjas gain their professional name based on how they kill their foes or their technique. Both of these are accurate for Ellipsis, who is famous for two things. First, no one has ever heard Ellipsis speak and lived to tell the tale. Secondly, Ellipsis' victims never get to utter a word or hear a sound before they are dead. Thus, Ellipsis's name became "..." to represent a silence so quiet it could not even have a sound to name it. Of course, this was a pain for young ninja to pronounce. So, everyone started pronouncing it Ellipsis.

As can be expected, there isn't much known about Ellipsis. He never let down his guard, never spoke, and never opened up to anyone. Anyone that Ellipsis may have given this information to is either loyal enough to not talk or dead. All that's known is that Ellipsis never failed a job in his time as a professional and that he was a warrior with no peer in skill except maybe the other two heroes.

This doesn't keep the rumors from coming though. Some people believe Ellipsis is a mute. Others believe his tongue was cut out at a young age by a Pirate and he picked up the life of a Ninja to vow revenge. Others still believe that Ellipsis isn't actually a human but a raw manifestation of the Universe's ninja energies.

Perhaps the most interesting rumor, though, is that Ellipsis was not a he at all, but rather a she.

There's no real way to substantiate the claim, but small whispers have spread that Ellipsis was really a woman, and chose to conceal her identity.

Ninja society is far from sexist, but it can be a little too traditional at times. While there have been plenty of accomplished Female ninja throughout history, their roles have been less violent and physical then men. These great women of Ninja history are respected for their accomplishments, but some Kunoichi (female ninja) feel that traditions can be constraining. Some villages even go as far to not teach proper assassination techniques to female members. While this tradition is incredibly uncommon nowadays, it still exists, and certainly would've been more popular when Ellipsis was born.

Ellipsis' parents might have chosen to conceal her identity in an attempt to avoid such detection in the village she was brought up in. It was literally a choice of meeting her destiny as the ultimate ninja or showing her identity. Like all truly destined heroes, she made her choice to follow a path to greatness. If true, this rumor would explain Ellipsis' permanent silence and refusal to open up. Either of these would've revealed her identity as a woman at some point and might have change her destiny if the wrong people found out.

Regardless of what's true, Ellipsis hasn't shown up since the disappearance of the Takara, and it's doubtful he/she will show up again. So, his/her full story will have to remain a mystery.