Fire Imp

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Tier: Mook

Small red annoying creatures with fire for their blood and tiny pitchforks.


Life: 30
Reaction: 5

Body: 2
Agility: 6
Precision: 4
Will: 4

Notes: Fire imps are made of fire and channel it readily. They take 10 less damage from all fire and heat based attacks but take 10 more damage from all water/ice and cold based attacks.


Level 1

Imp Poke (Cost 2): This attack resolves at a +4 to hit but does a mere 2 damage.

Level 2

Scitter Scitter (Cost 5): Imps are smaller and flexible. They can squirm themselves out of anything. Imps gain a +4 to checks to escape imprisonment of some kind when they use this.

Level 3

Temporary Flight (2/turn): Imps have small wings that give them the ability of limited flight. They cannot get more than a couple of feet off the ground, but they avoid all terrain.

Fireball (Cost 5): The imp fires a fireball with its power that does 15 fire damage at a range of 10 squares.