Fire Oni

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Tier: Encounter Giant Ogre like monsters that carry a club and have powerful fire auras around them.


Life: 180
Reaction: 2

Body: 10
Agility: 2
Precision: 2
Will: 2

Notes: Fire Onis channel raw fire and take 25 less damage from fire based attacks. Onis, unlike most monsters can talk and are extremely vulnerable to psychological attacks and insults.


Level 1

Oni Swing (Cost 2): This attack does 15 damage but rolls to hit at a -2

Level 2

Batter Up (Cost 5): The Oni uses it's massive strength to hit the opponent for 20 damage at a -2 to hit. The opponent flies back a number of squares equal to half the damage they took.

Level 3

Strong Swing (Cost 8): The Oni tries for accuracy and hits for 20 damage.

Flame Field (Cost 10): This attack does 15 fire damage to everyone adjacent to the Oni.

Fire Bolt (Cost 8): The Oni throws a bolt of fire within 10 squares at a -1 to hit and do 20 fire damage.

Level 4

Blazing Swing (Cost 16): This attack swing super powerful swing for 30 fire damage.

Level 5

Big and Burly (Passive): Onis are tough and take 3 less damage from all physical attacks (For a total of 7 damage reduction when at full body).