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Sometimes, a character isn't just the sum of all of his awesome abilities. Sometimes, there's more to a character that can't be summed up as just a personality trait. Sometimes, a character is blind or missing an arm.

Still, the universe tries to make everyone equal and compensates these poor individuals for their suffering. The points given back usually don't anywhere near compensate for the flaw itself, but it's still a nice consolation. MOST flaws should range from 1-5 points. Only extreme cases should go over this (like blindness).

Characters can take flaws to gain extra character points they desperately need (or maybe they just like being flawed). Still, this can help flesh out a character and give them some interesting plot hooks. It should be noted that a flaw should give some kind of mechanical penalty. Anything else is just role-playing. So, having an old injury is a flaw. Hating Mead is not (unless it somehow keeps you from functioning properly in society).

The maximum number of points a character can get from flaws is equal to 1/4th their current character point total (before flaws). So, for most starting characters, this means 10 points.

Flaws are not sorted in any particular order for now. The points they give are in parenthesis. I'll add more as I think of them. If a flaw no longer suits a character, they can buy it back with the same number of points it gave. Although, some will need a good story reason to remove. Blindness doesn't just go away because you want it to.

Flaws List

Blind (10): Blind characters have learned to adjust to their blindness and don't take nearly the penalty everyone else does. However, for them, it is permanent. -2 to Precision for hit and Agility for Dodge. Immune to darkness and visual effects. +1 precision to listen checks.

Missing Eye (4): Characters with this flaw have lost an eye but not both. This gives a -1 to precision to hit and spot objects or people. This also generally prevents the use of abilities like Secret of the Patch since the character is blinded.

Deaf (5): -1 Agility for dodge. Auto-fail listen checks. Must make a 10 precision check to read lips. Immune to verbal or sound based effects. +1 to Spot checks.

Focused Attribute (2 or 4): Reduce an attribute by 2 for some MAJOR aspect of the ability (like spotting for precision, acrobatics for agility, resistance for body, or diplomacy for will). Reduce by 4 instead for 4 points. Ability must be at least one after the penalty is added.

Missing Limb (5): See effect of Disabling Nerve Strike. Adding a prosthetic requires buying back this defect.

Dim-witted (1): This character is a bit slow. The character may not even attempt knowledge based skills they are not trained in (ie. Have a skill bonus ability in).

Clumsy (2): This character is prone to horrible trips and falls. Once per session, the GM may make a character auto-fail some kind of agility check. This can either take the form of an inconvenient stumble that doesn't kill the player but puts them in a tough predicament (falling off a 40 foot high bridge or spilling a bar patron's drink at a bad time). Or this can be used to force a player to re-roll a dodge roll and take the worse result once a session (this cannot be negated with an awesome point reroll).

Greedy (1): Some characters lust after treasure way more than others. A character with this flaw takes a -2 to all will checks to resist Diplomacy, Bluffs, or otherwise when considerable wealth or an item of considerable power is offered or promised to the character.

Reckless (2): Your character is incredibly arrogant and refuses to back down from any fight. You character will never run from a fight by his own free will. Other characters will need to drag him after he or she is unconscious to get him or her away. This character gains a +2 to will to avoid fear. However, if this character should ever retreat for ANY reason, they immediately forfeit all awesome points and will need to do one stunt that would normally give an awesome point to start gaining them again.

Phobia (1): Your character is severely afraid of something. In order to attack it or move past the phobia, the character must make a 12 Will save every round. The character will also do anything to avoid their phobia even if they have a high enough will to frequently face their fears.

Addiction (2): Characters in Pirates vs. Ninjas are often characters of excess, but even some characters are worse than that. This character is addicted to some act or substance. If he or she goes prolonged time without it, they start taking penalties to all of their attribute scores. For instance, an Alcoholic that goes a couple of days without a drink suffers a -1 to attributes. Going a week without, he or she suffers a -2. Going 2 weeks and he's at a -3 and is likely a gibbering mess. Also, much like Greedy, characters suffer a -2 to will checks to persuade when offered their vice.

Extreme Honor (2): Your character doesn't believe in backing down and will ALWAYS accept a Death Duel or a challenge for a 1 on 1 Duel to negate the Kurosawa Corollary when given the chance. They can still run (unless they are reckless), but they cannot refuse the initial offer.

Code (1): Your character has a very strict Code of ethics that is not covered by another flaw. The character writes out this code. Should they ever willingly break it, they will take a -1 to all rolls until they fix their misdeed. Should they break it unwillingly or unknowingly, they still must try to make amends, if they can, at all cost.