Gambling for the Bored and Adventurous

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Some players aren't huge fans of just rolling a gambling check (precision or will, depending on the game, plus any bonuses from Gambler or Lucky abilities). So, the following is a way to simulate a more authentic cheating/lucky idiot kind of gambling.

Deal out a black jack hand (2 cards). Then, roll a gambling check for each participant. For every 6 made on the check, deal the player an extra card. For REALLY talented gamblers, this will typically mean 2-3 cards or 4 cards on a really lucky roll. From here on out, at any time, the extra cards in the player's hand can be switched out for any cards in the black jack hand. The player keeps the cards they switched out. This represents the player's ability to either use sleight of hand/cheating, strategy, or luck to their advantage (in the case of cheating, it's the literal cards up your sleeves).

Players can still hit and stay like in regular black jack. Face cards are worth 10. Aces are worth 1 or 11. Highest hand without going over 21 wins. In the case of a tie, keep the cards up the sleeve and deal another hand.

In a typical game, the trick is going to be for players to be the LAST person that can't make 21. With the number of cards running around, making 21 on a hand becomes incredibly easy. However, switching out too many cards will eventually lead to all the cards up your sleeve being 10's, face cards, or other inconvenient cards. Because of this, skill AND luck are actually required to win while still giving the player an advantage for making a good check.