Giant Pistol Shrimp

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Tier: Encounter
Giant Pistol Shrimp are deadly large crustaceans (about the size of a horse) that wander the most deadly beaches of the world. The Giant Pistol Shrimp has massive claws that it can click together at blinding speed in order to release concussive sound bursts that can stun and harm its foes.


Life: 80
Reaction: 6

Body: 6
Agility: 4
Precision: 8
Will: 2


Level 1

Claw Smack (Cost 1): The Pistol Shrimp Reels backs and whacks the foe with its massive claw for 10 damage.

Level 3

Amphibian (Passive): This creature works equally well above and below water.

Scitter Scitter (Passive): This creature is nervous and can fit in holes half the size it normally would have.

Pistol Shot (Cost 10): This attack fires up to 30 squares and does 15 damage. The victim must also make a Body check of 12 or lose their next turn and take -2 to all dodges until their next turn.

Level 4

Sonic Burst (Cost 15): As per the Pistol shot attack but hits everything within 20 squares of the Pistol Shrimp.

Level 5

Hyper Shot (Cost 30): The Pistol Shrimp spends 1 full turn charging this up. This attack goes off on its next attack. This attack does 50 damage and knocks the foe unconscious if they do not succeed a 12 body check.