Giant Tiger Shrimp

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Tier: Encounter
The Giant Tiger Shrimp is a monstrously large crustacean that typically wanders the more dangerous beaches of the world. This monster has massive claws that is balls like fists and can punch at blindingly fast speeds. Adventurers beware. Take them down fast or suffer the wrath of the Giant Tiger shrimp's Galactic Punch.


Life: 120
Reaction: 3

Body: 10
Agility: 2
Precision: 4
Will: 2


Level 1

Light Jab (Cost 5): The Tiger Shrimp Reels backs and quickly smacks all foes with its massive claws for 10 damage to all enemies within 2 squares of it.

Level 3

Amphibian (Passive): This creature works equally well above and below water.

Scitter Scitter (Passive): This creature is nervous and can fit in holes half the size it normally would have.

Tiger Punch (Cost 10): The Tiger Shrimp Reels back and punches 1 foe in front of it for 25 damage.

Level 4

Earthquake (Cost 15): The Tiger Shrimp punches the ground with an earth-shattering force. It hits all opponents within 10 squares of the Tiger shrimp for 20 damage.

Level 5

Meteor Punch (Cost 40): The Tiger Shrimp jumps up and disappears for 1 turn. This attack hits at a -4 to hit. The Tiger Shrimp comes down at the end of the next turn with a meteor strapped to its fist. It hits 1 target it can see for 100 damage.

Galactic Punch (Cost 80): Same as Meteor Punch only it hits 20 squares around the Tiger Shrimp and its target. (It also probably leaves a huge crater in the ground)