Great Tengu

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Tier: Boss
A slightly larger and much more powerful Tengu that has traded trickery and lies for brutal combat precision. They seek talented warriors to teach the arts of war to. They will typically fight 1 on 1 if challenged and will fight with honor and fairness.


Life: 220
Reaction: 8

Body: 4
Agility: 8
Precision: 7
Will: 7

Notes: Great Tengu, unlike their lesser brethren are not tricksters and do not suffer their penalties to being tricked or insulted. Furthermore, if a Great Tengu is beaten in 1 on 1 combat, it may choose to give its sword to the victor. This sword contains the Tengu Stroke ability from regular Tengu and can only be used if the ability is taught by a Great Tengu or Tengu. It counts as a level 5 ability on the item.


Level 1

Well-Balanced (Passive): Great Tengu are agile and have an impeccable sense of balance. They gain a +2 to all balance checks.

Level 2

Tengu Morph (Cost 10): Great Tengu also have human forms and are capable of faking the mannerisms of men. When a Great Tengu uses this ability, it looks exactly like a human until it reveals itself otherwise. The Great Tengu's form is significantly less human than regular tengu and typically comes with a very long nose.

A Simple Stroke (Cost 3): Great Tengu have mastered the small techniques as well as the powerful. The Great Tengu cuts its opponent for 10 damage.

Level 3

Tengu Speed (Passive): Great Tengu are agile and quick. Much like Cross Arm Draw, Tengu go first in the first round of combat.

Gale Force Winds(Cost 10): Great Tengu have magic fans that can blow their foes away. The Great Tengu picks 1 target within 10 squares. If the target fails to make a 15 agility or body check, the target is blown back 10 squares. If the target hits a large object or ally while being blown back, the target takes 15 damage.

Tengu Cut (Cost 8): A basic sword slice from the Great Tengu. This attack does 20 damage.

Level 4

Great Tengu Blade (Cost 15): Similar to the Great Tengu's level 5 stroke, this attack can only be used against opponents that go after the Tengu. The Tengu catches the target off-balance and does 30 damage as long as the target goes after the Tengu's reaction.

Tengu Whirlwind (Cost 15): The Great Tengu calls upon his magic fan to deal a powerful gale force blow. This attack does 25 damage and has a range of 20 squares.

Level 5

Great Tengu Stroke (Cost 50): Great Tengu have mastered their spectacular art of the sword to a masterful level. This attack can only be used on the first turn, and if the Great Tengu goes before the opponent it attacks. This attack does 70 damage if it hits. If the target takes any damage from this attack, then the target must also make a 12 body check or immediately fall unconscious.

Thyphoon Slice (Cost 40): The Great Tengu combines the powers of his sword and fan to create the ultimate wind attack. This attack hits in a 10 square radius around the Great Tengu for 40 damage. People hits by this attack are also blown back 5 squares away from the Great Tengu.

Lightning Teleport (Cost 25): The Tengu moves past his foe with lightning speed and cuts them down. This attack hits with a +2 to hit, can be used during a move action instead of before or after, and does 35 damage.

Flight (Cost 3/turn): Great Tengu can use their kite like wings to fly through the air.