Internet Yatagarasu

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Tier: Joke (Encounter)
A three-legged raven that runs around in fields kicking at rocks and irritating random travelers with its loud mocking voice. Some have even been known to wear a pair of three-legged shorts and a shirt. They've never been seen in groups, but this may because no one wants to go near ONE of them to begin with, much less two. It's possible that the Yatagarasu is too annoying even for itself.


Life: 80
Reaction: 5

Body: 3
Agility: 5
Precision: 5
Will: 5

Notes: Internet Yatagarasu are not to be mistaken for the frightening and savage Yatagarasu. While the Yatagarasu is a fearful monster, the Internet Yatagarasu is a mere annoyance.


Level 1

Hidden Third Leg (Cost 1): Internet Yatagarasu have often been mistaken for regular old crows or ravens, and some people even say they don't have a third leg to begin with. This is because the Internet Yatagarasu has the supernatural ability to hide its third leg in its feathery coat at will to trick others into thinking it's a normal bird. The Internet Yatagarasu appears as a normal bird when using this ability.

Level 2

Incomprehensible Noise (Passive): Yatagarasu release a song that grates on even the most patient adventurer's nerves. Yatagarasus' Will scores are treated as 2 higher for the purpose of using any of their Will based attacks. However, they are at a -1 to Will for all other purposes (save Life).

Juked! (Cost 1): Internet Yatagarasu dance with an unusual movement. When an attack misses an Internet Yatagarasu, it can spend 1 life to move 1 square of its choosing.

Dive Bomb! (Cost 1): The Internet Yatagarasu suicidally dive bombs its target for 15 damage, but takes half of the damage dealt (round down) as a result.

Never-ending Annoyance (Passive): Internet Yatagarasu are exhausting to fight. Whenever an attack misses the Internet Yatagarasu, the opponent that used the attack takes an additional point of drain from the attack.

Level 3

YA YA YA YA YA YA! (Cost 10): Internet Yatagarasu can belt out a song that has been known to literally make ears bleed. Everyone that can hear the Internet Yatagarasu must make an opposed Will check or take 10 damage that no damage reduction can ignore.

Side Kick! (Cost 5): Internet Yatagarasu are masters of some mysterious game called football. No one knows how this game is played or where the Internet Yatagarasu picked it up, but it seems to involve the bird launching rocks at its opponents head with its feet. The Yatagarasu gives a powerful kick to a rock on the ground and hits a target within 8 squares for 15 damage.

Level 4

SHUT UP! (Passive): The Internet Yatagarasu is infuriating with its never-ending and yammering song. Whenever ANYONE selects an attack and an Internet Yatagarasu is within hearing range, all targets must attack the Internet Yatagarasu if possible. Only targets truly out of range may attack other targets. This includes any targets that may be "on the Internet Yatagarasu's side. Other Internet Yatagarasu are immune to this.

Rapid Fire Pecking (Cost 8): The Yatagarasu can reel back and lay into its opponent with a deadly barrage of attacks with its beak. When this attack hits, the Yatagarasu does 6 attacks for 5 damage each.

Richochet Shot! (Cost 12): The Yatagarasu hits a rock off the head of an opponent and uses its excellent ball control to launch the rock immediately at another target. Each target must be with 8 squares of the Internet Yatagarasu but both take 20 damage if hit. The second attack does not go off if the first misses.

Level 5

Annoying Little &%*^#*! (Cost 10): The Yatagarasu is capable of attacking people in a way to stun and confuse them. Whenever a Yatagarasu hits with this attack, the Internet Yatagarasu deals 5 damage and the opponent loses their next attack action. If hit by multiple Internet Yatagarasu, the opponent only loses one attack action, these cannot stack.

Interrupting Crow! (Cost 10): The Yatagarasu can break the concentration of its foes by swooping in and screaming in a target's ears. The Yatagarasu can use this ability once a turn to negate any verbal based attack or actions with its loud shriek. This takes no actions.

Illusory Flying Masked Raven Tricycle Shot! (Cost 30): The Yatagarasu spends one full turn showing off its amazing ball controlling skills to the opponent by bouncing a rock between its three feet. At the very end of the turn, the Yatagarasu launches the rock into the air and give an acrobatic kick at one target within 12 squares. The rock hits the opponent at a +2 to hit and does 40 damage of any element type.

Black Swan Song (Variable): The Internet Yatagarasu lets out one large deep bellow before falling unconscious. This attack automatically knocks the Internet Yatagarasu out, but everyone that hears it must make a Body Check of 12 or be deafened for an hour.

Flight (Cost 3/turn): Internet Yatagarasu are birds and can fly.