Monstrous Whale

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Tier: Boss
An absolutely massive whale that swallows entire Galleons for breakfast. Only a handful are known to exist. The Life listed below is only the amount required to get it to run away. Killing one would require a lot more firepower.


Life: 320
Reaction: 1

Body: 10
Agility: 1
Precision: 1
Will: 6


Level 1

Good Swimmer, Bad Runner (Cost 8): Monstrous Whales move twice what their normal move speed would be in water, but can only move 1 square a turn on land.

Level 2

Tornado Breath (Cost 8): The Whale opens its maws and exhales. All opponents within 20 squares must make a 10 body check or get knocked off their ship.

Level 3

Ramming Speed (Passive): Monstrous Whales are Massive. Any turn the whale moves, any people on ships it passes must make a 10 agility check or take 10 damage.

Level 4

Cargo Storm (Cost 20): Monstrous Whales occasionally have to eject the ships they've eaten, out of their blow hole. When the monstrous whale does this action, random bits of ships are scattered everywhere. All targets within sight of the Monstrous Whale must make are hit for 30 damage if it hits.

Level 5

Swallow Whole (Cost 50): The Monstrous Whale starts inhaling the ship its attacking. If the whale is not knocked out in the next 2 turns, the Whale is knocked unconscious. However, all attacks automatically hit the whale during this time. If successfully, the ship and crew are swallowed whole.

Small Brain No Good For Think-Making (Passive): Monstrous Whales are immune to all mental effects save irritation.

Super Blubber (Passive): Monstrous Whales take 5 less damage from all attacks and are immune to falling unconscious from status changes.