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Ninja Culture

Naming Conventions: While Ninjas have normal names like Hiro, Daisuke, and Bethany, Ninjas prefer to give themselves professional names based on their skills and killing methods. This can lead to very cool sounding or very stupid sounding code names. For every "Invisible Dart" or "Acrobatic Drop", there's a "Flypaper Pornography" or "Surprise Necksnap".

Attitudes: Ninjas are raised at a young age to idealize tradition and honor. Ninjas also tend to focus on the perfection of the mind and body and take great pride in difficult and sometimes deadly training. They tend to dislike Pirate's slack attitudes and a general willingness to fight dirty.

Progression in Ninja society is usually based on Mission success and accomplishments that help the whole. Ninjas are also frequently promoted based on the number of techniques they know. An optimal ruler should be flexible in battle.

A Ninja will usually favor precision over damage in combat and prefers to reserve his endurance efficiently. If they can't outsmart their opponent, they have failed as a ninja. They also prefer to avoid damage entirely than to absorb it. Because of this, Ninjas tend to train more heavily in the Precision and Agility stats then Body and Will.

Territories: Ninja controlled cities are generally very organized in nature. This goes along with their ethos of tradition, honor, and law. While Ninjas have their own personalities. There is a reverence for the establishment and a general idea of the group over the individual. Ninja cities are ruthlessly efficient, but also have some of the strictest laws.

Ninja Factions

Evadinja: A more traditional sort of Ninja, the Evadinja prefer moving quickly and dodging blows to hurting their foes. Their teachings center around increased mobility and stealth. Evadinja tend to be arrogant of their skill. If you can't be hit, it doesn't matter how little damage you deal. You will eventually win. Of course, the average Evandinja has the stamina of asthmatic toddler, but none of them would ever admit that. Still, being the school that invented the ability to run on water (a technique that most ninjas feel is a powerful weapon against pirates), they have garnered some respect from their peers.

Rokinja: An incredibly new school of Ninja that focused on the usage of musical instruments as a device for assassination. While a lot of young ninja have joined this school for the opportunity to blow someone's head off with a guitar solo, the actual masters of this school put up a very calm appearance. While not heavily respected, the Rokinja have gotten a little bit of reputation from a few notable assassins. With a style where you literally can't see the attacks, it becomes difficult for people to dodge and who doesn't enjoy a good facemelter?

Shoninja: The Shoninja are the school the other ninja just refuse to talk about. Proving themselves to be everything a Ninja generally isn't, Shoninja are closer to pirates than Ninjas. They're loud, boorish, and rely on inner-strength and power over stealth and tactics. Still, they've gained a reputation for a certain amount of blunt efficiency. Their power and ability to damage their foes is greater than most pirate schools of combat and may even be a match for the strongest ones. Combined with their school's secret ninja techniques (each of which is quite powerful), nothing can stop them once in full force. If only they wouldn't stop screwing up the other Ninjas' stealth checks.

Hitinja: Another old school of ninja combat, the Hitinja focus on brutal accuracy. While not as dodgey as their brothers the Evadinja, the Hitinja rarely, if ever, miss their target. An experienced Hitinja can disarm an opponent and slit his throat in a matter of seconds. The Hitinja also have a number of brutal techniques that can penetrate even the strongest pirate defenses and even knock out a foe in one hit. Not a group to be trifled with.

Feykinja: The Feykinja are a rather mysterious group of Ninjas who focus on Illusions and perceptions. What they lack in power, agility, or precision, they more than make up for in control. Due to a pretty heavy lack of damaging moves, Feykinja are more likely than others to spread out into other schools. This gives them a reputation of being wayward vagabonds among the ninjas, but every young ninja would be lying if he said he didn't envy some of their more powerful techniques.

Dr. Inja: Medical Ninjas that use their advanced knowledge of the body to help heal it or harm it.

Equinja: Ninja that use mounts and vehicles to form a unique and situational combat style that aids allies, destroys enemies, and allows them to move at super fast speeds.