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Tier: Boss
A T-rex that has frighteningly learned the ways of the ninja. Unlike their dumber more instinctive brethren, the Ninja-Saurus Rex is capable complex thinking and understands language. It still cannot speak. Ultimately, this beast a far more powerful foe than its mundane variety.


Life: 280
Reaction: 5

Body: 10
Agility: 5
Precision: 5
Will: 4


Level 1

Like the Wind (Passive): The Ninjasaurus-Rex is shockingly stealth and gains a +2 to hide checks.

Precision Tail Swipe (Cost 10): The Ninjasaurus-Rex swings its tail with great accuracy and hits everyone in range for 10 damage.

Level 2

Chomp Chomp (Cost 8): The Ninjasaurus-Rex bites an opponent for 15 damage.

Level 3

Step on It! (Passive): Everything that's in the Ninjasaurus-Rex's way when it makes a move action must make an agility check of 10 or be stomped on when it moves for 5 damage.

Level 4

Super Mighty Leap (Cost 25): The Ninjasaurus-Rex leaps into the air with frightening results and disappears from sight. It then collides with the ground on its reaction on the next turn at an almost incalculable speed. This hits everything within 40 squares of the Ninjasaurus-Rex for 30 damage.

Cold-Blooded Rex-ssassin (Cost 20): The Ninja Rex is a master of precise strikes and can hit a target from stealth for 40 damage.

Level 5

Inervating Bite (Cost 35): The Ninjasaurus-Rex bites a victim at a -2 for 40 damage. However, this precision bite has been calculated to destroy stronger prey. The Victim must make a 12 body check or fall unconscious instantly.

Not So Scaly Hide (Passive): Ninjasaurus-Rexes have less potent hides than other T-rexes. They've stripped off their scales for improved mobility. Ninja Rexes take 2 less damage, but also gain a +2 agility for the sake of complex acrobatic maneuvers and movement. Also, their move speed is doubled.