Non-Factioned Abilities

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Non-factioned abilities are abilities that don't belong to any faction. Anyone of the proper side can learn these abilities provided they can find a proper teacher.

Non-Factioned Ninja Abilities

Like the Wind
Ninja 1
Cost: Passive
Like the Wind is the phrase that all Ninjas use to describe their uncanny ability to sneak. When rolling Agility for a Stealth check, the Ninja is at a +2 to the roll. People wishing to see or hear the ninja will have to roll a Precision roll higher than their check. The Ninja is also considered trained in all forms of stealth.

The Forbidden Pouch
Ninja 2
Cost: Passive
All Ninjas know of at least one place to hide a weapon on their person that no one will bother looking. Ninjas that have this ability are always considered to have a concealed kunai (a small throwing knife) on their person, even when searched for all weapons. This gives the ninja the ability to use melee abilities when completely disarmed or most throwing abilities at least once. If they lose this weapon after revealing it though, they are out of secret weapons. There's only one Forbidden Pouch.

Shuriken Split
Ninja 3
Cost: 3 per target
Ninjas are master throwers and have learned to hit multiple targets with their deadly weapon, the Shuriken. This attack can hit any visible opponent within 20 squares as long as there is a straight line to hit the opponent in. The Ninja can throw, in one swift motion, a Shuriken at a number of targets equal to up to half of his or her agility score (round up). So, a ninja with a 6 agility can hit up to 3 characters as long as they are within 10 squares of his character. This attack does 10 damage.

Cold-Blooded Assassin
Ninja 4
Cost: 15
This is one of the most common Ninja abilities, but also one of the most difficult. The Ninja that uses this ability can only use it when attack an enemy that is unaware of his presence (either via stealth check or both blindness and deafness). The opponent still gets an agility roll (at any minuses for stealth), but this attack does more damage than most attacks. This attack does 30 damage.

Strike Like Lightning
Ninja 5
Cost: 20
Invented by the Ninja of the same name, Strike Like Lightning is one of the Ninja's most deadly and risky techniques and has become a staple amongst Ninja everywhere. Invoking the skill of this technique, a Ninja moves with such stupendous speed that He or She gets 2 Attack actions that round (which can be 2 different attacks). Used too much, this attack holds a great risk of wearing the Ninja out before they can finish an opponent off. Used with proper timing and with the right techniques, this can turn the tides of a difficult battle.

Pirate Non-Factioned Abilities

Sail the Seas
Pirate 1
Cost: Passive
All Pirates are master Sailors. It's rare to see a Pirate who can't handle himself on a boat. Pirates with this technique gain a +2 on all attribute checks to Sailing a Boat or having any knowledge pertaining to Sailing. Pirates without this ability might be able to figure out the basics, but definitely won't be experienced enough to run a bigger boat like a Galleon or Navigate.

The Secret of The Patch
Pirate 2
Cost: Passive
Unknown to most Ninjas, Pirates know that Ninjas love the dark and have come up with a clever counter for it. This counter is The Secret of The Patch. Wearing an Eyepatch is terrible for depth perception. However, the eye that remains under the eyepatch gains AMAZING nightvision. Pirates who start an encounter with an Eyepatch on and this ability take a -1 to precision while the eyepatch is on. However, if anything causes the pirate to lose visibility because of low-light or absolute darkness, he can take the eyepatch off and remove all penalties for seeing in the dark. Wearing an eyepatch without this ability gives no darkvision and a -2 to perception.

Lock, Stock, and Stab
Pirate 3
Cost: 4
A fun little pirate attack where the Pirate takes his love of firepower and his love of stabbing and combines them into one fierce attack. The Pirate makes an attack at a -2 to precision, to stab the target Ninja right through. If he connects, the Ninja is stuck helpless on his sword while he shoots the Ninja at point blank range. Resolve this attack with 1 attack roll. If it hits, the Target Ninja takes two attacks at 10 damage each.

Watch Ye Flank
Pirate 4
Cost: 6
Pirates are excellent back-stabbers. When a Pirate and his Allies stand across from each other while facing an enemy, they can pull off a team-attack against their opponent. Both Pirates must hold actions for the same turn and act at the same reaction time. At this point, they act simultaneously, and the Ninja, unable to cover his back, takes massive damage. Both Pirates gain 15 damage on whatever attack they use against that opponent.

Salty Peter's Hidden Arsenal
Pirate 5
Cost: 10
A legendary attack invented by Salty Peter (an explosive toting mad-man). A potent technique, but one that most Pirates tend to avoid for its ridiculous side-effect. This attack does 30 fire damage to everyone within 8 squares of the attacker as he blows up an entire explosive arsenal he has hidden under his coat. Roll Precision at a +2. However, the attacker also takes half of the damage automatically. Not to be used within range of allies.

Wanderer Non-Factioned Abilities

Well-Traveled Man
Wanderer 1
Cost: Passive
Wanderers are just that. Men and Women who Wander from town to town. Those that do this their entire lives pick up little bits of local history here and there. Wanderers with this ability gain a +2 on any Precision rolls to recognize hidden Lores, Local Histories, Rumors, or Legends.

Just a Guy
Wanderer 2
Cost: Passive
Some Wanderers just look way too average for their own good. Wanderers with this advantage gain a +2 on Will rolls to avoid being spotted if they are recognizable. This is great for avoiding detection by local authorities when you're a wanted man. Furthermore, in combat with monsters, Monsters will only attack this Wanderer if he's the most obvious target. If a target of equal or similar threat presents itself, the monster will just ignore the Wanderer.

The True Middle
Wanderer 3
Cost: 3/turn
The Wanderer of the middle path has realized that the boundary between Pirate and Ninja is paper thin and learns to bend between that boundary at will. By activating this ability, the Wanderer takes 5 less damage from all Pirate and Ninja attacks until his next turn.

Aura of Significance
Wanderer 4
Cost: 16 per turn
Some Wanderers have a mystifying presence about them. Something about them gives off a great and powerful aura of importance. By sacrificing their attack AND move action for the turn, everyone grows afraid of the Wanderer. As a supernatural ability, no one will be able to attack the Wanderer directly (AOEs can still hit if the wanderer is not the direct target) and takes a -2 on all attack rolls to hit his or her allies for that turn.

Pirate-Ninja Form
Wanderer 5
Cost: 35 Life and 1 Awesome Point
An absolutely terrifying attack invented by The Raven, himself. Some consider this attack to even be blasphemy against the Universe itself. One of the most devastating attacks that ANY Wanderer can learn, but it comes with a severe risk. This attack touches into the impossible for just a moment and transforms the user into a Ninja-Pirate. It is activated as a regular power after an attack action. The Wanderer disappears for 2 whole turns entirely. He or she then reappears the next turn anywhere that his or her character can see. From here, the Pirate-Ninja launches an assault of firepower and shurikens on one target within 100 squares that annihilate the target. This attack is resolved at a +4 to the attack and does 50 damage of ANY type to the opponent. Combined with other abilities that inflict extra damage, this can be a guaranteed 1-hit KO wonder move. If this attack should somehow miss though, the universe backfires on the target and knocks them out immediately at 0 Life and the user will not be able to wake up for a day regardless of any method used.