Pirate Zombies

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Tier: Mook

Zombies that have been spliced with Pirate Essence for increased damage.


Life: 30
Reaction: 1

Body: 3
Agility: 1
Precision: 1
Will: 3


Level 1

Zombie Trip (Cost 1): The zombie trips and falls on one target in melee for 10 damage. However, if the zombie misses, it must spend a turn getting back up.

Hungry for Brains (Passive): Zombies can smell the living and are better at tracking them than you would expect. Zombies get a +2 precision to notice living things via their sense of smell.

Level 3

Zombie Bite (Cost 4): This attack resolves at a -1 to hit and does 15 damage. However, if it knocks an opponent below 0 Life, they must make a body check of 15 or become a Zombie as well.

Zombie Gunnar (Cost 6): The Zombies have guns and can fire them up to 8 squares away for 15 damage.

Level 5

Too Stupid to Notice (Passive): Zombies are bafflingly dumb and immune to all insults, diplomacy, or illusions.

Last One Standing (Passive): Pirate Zombies work better in groups. When attacking, Pirate zombies can all attack simultaneously for extra bonuses to hit. For 1 zombie, the attack gets a +1 to hit. For 2 extra zombies, it's a +2. Double for each +1 to hit after that.

Ready to Burst (Passive): Pirate Zombies are weak to fire from all the alcohol they have drank when they were alive. If sucessfully hit with a fire attack, the zombie explodes for half of its remaining life in fire damage for all targets within 5 squares of it. Target Agility roll 12 to avoid the damage.