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Pirate Culture

Naming Conventions

Pirates prefer to pick nicknames based on outstanding physical attributes or accomplishments. This is usually a way of bragging to other pirates, but nicknames can also be chosen by fellow crewmates and be derogatory in extreme circumstances. "Iron Leg Johnson", "Swift Hands Phil", and "Runaway Jim" are all possible pirate names. Due to the commonness of the attribute, there are nearly hundreds of "Peg-legged ____" or "One-eyed _____". It's not recommended if a pirate wants respect.


Pirates are free spirits at nature. They enjoy partying, the breeze on their face, treasure, adventure, and everything that comes with it. Of course, this leads to a clash with Ninja society, which is very orderly and structured.

Pirates prefer small groups to large organizations. Pirate rankings are almost always determined by the Leader's ability to either inspire trust or fear in his crew. Whether it's because he can beat up everyone on his ship, or because he's actually competent is often a big debate. Despite their more smaller groups, Pirates are not without organization. A well-trained crew knows their parts in and out and with more intimacy, and (although, high-ranking Ninjas are remiss to admit it) with a lot better understanding than most ninjas in high positions. A close-knit crew is a terrifying thing to behold.

Pirates prefer to fight with Panache and Flare. They take hits and they deal them out with explosive results. A battle is won with a man's spirit and the fire of his heart, and with nothing else. A smart pirate is not entirely uncommon, but it's far better to be brave. Pirates generally favor the Body and Will stats over Precision and Agility.


Pirates are nomadic by nature and don't like to stay in one place. Their territory is wherever they call home that week or the open seas. The Pirate controlled cities that do exist are mostly dens of thieves. Very little organization. The strongest guy in town usually rules with an iron fist. Laws are thrown out with reckless abandon. If someone manages to run a respectable business in a pirate town and actually get customers to pay, he is a fearsome man to be reckoned with.

Pirate Factions:


When people talk about agile and daring swashbucklers, they're talking about Arrcrobats. Arrcrobats love to use their surroundings to their advantage and can turn any terrain or item into a deadly weapon. Arrcrobats value flexibility and momentum above everything else in combat. In most pirate crews, Arrcrobats find themselves being the second in command or even the leader. Although, they're not against jobs where their sizeable agility is in demand.

Charrismatic Lords:

The Charrismatic Lords are the natural leaders of the Pirate factions. They focus their talents on commanding groups of people effectively. Legend even has it that some Lords can negate the Kurosawa Corollary. Great liars and leaders, Charrismatic Lords almost always find themselves as captains. Don't let the fact that they spend most of their time organizing their crew fool you though. Charrismatic Lords are accomplished swordsmen that use their rapier wit to help sharpen the edge of their actual rapier. Insult Sword-fighting Anyone?


When most people think of the Gunnars, they think of accuracy and precision mixed with speed. Gunnars know their projectile weapons like the back of their hand, and many fighters fear them for their ability to keep their distance. What people often forget is that Gunnars are also accomplished mechanics and will often be the one keeping the engine running on a pirate ship. They LOVE tinkering and inventing. As a matter of fact, the majority of the members of G&W (the head Engineering Guild) are Gunnars themselves. It's a true shame to the style if a Gunnar didn't make his own gun.


Drunkards are a rather unusual group of Pirate. Unlike the Drunken Masters of the wanderers, Drunkarrds prefer to use their love of the brew in a more direct way. A true Drunkarrd has a near infinite tolerance for pain and super human strength. They make excellent workers on a ship. Sure. They're not the brightest burning lamps in the shed, but who's going to argue when they can lift a cannon over their head?


A group that formed in order to counter the deadly arts of the Rokinja, the Charreographers are a group of pirates that have learned to use dance as a weapon against their foes. They have been affectionately named "Fops" by their peers, but apart from the Charrismatic Lords, no one can organize a crew better. Besides, the jokes usually stop when two Charreographers take down a foe in perfect symmetry.


These pirates specialize working with wood and other materials to heal and augment the bodies of their patients. They're way different from Craftsmen in the sense that they're the Pirate equivalent of supernatural doctors. Yes. They make also peg legs.


Deft fingered individuals who will gracefully relieve their targets of their material burdens. Money, power and even time itself are all within the grasp of a Burglarr who possesses the requisite talent.