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Tier: Boss
A Pi-rex that has discovered the joys of Piracy. They are more difficult to hit and more damaging than their other variety T-rexes at the cost of lots of accuracy. However, they have great force of will to make up for it. They are commonly seen wearing large pirate hats and eye patches (although, no one really know how they got them).


Life: 360
Reaction: 2

Body: 10
Agility: 2
Precision: 2
Will: 8


Level 1

Super Tail Swipe (Cost 10): The Pi-rex swings its tail around it for massive damage at a -2 to hit. All targets within range take 15 damage if hit.

Level 2

Chomp Chomp CHOMP!(Cost 12): The T-rex bite an opponent at a -1 to hit for 20 damage.

Level 3

Step on It! (Passive): Everything that's in the T-rexes way when it makes a move action must make an agility check of 10 or be stomped on when it moves for 5 damage.

Fire Breath (Cost 12): The Pi-rex has a fiery temper and soul and has a fiery belly to match. The Pi-rex can breath fire on a target within 10 squares for 25 damage.

Level 4

Explodosaurus (Cost 30): The Pi-rex cannot jump well. Instead, the Pi-rex has evolved the ability to explode outwards its own body heat in an incendiary explosion. Everything within 20 squares of the T-rex takes 30 fire damage. Furthermore, even if this attack misses, all targets must make a Body Check of 12 or take an additional 10 damage from the force of the heat.

Level 5

Pirate Bite (Cost 35): The Pi-rex is a frightening, powerful creature. This attack hits at a -2 to hit. However, if it hits, this attack does 60 damage. Furthermore, anyone that witnesses this attack should it hit must make a 12 will check or gain a -1 on all rolls against the Pi-rex for the rest of combat because of fear.

Super Scaly Hide (Passive): Pi-rexes have even scalier hides than normal. They take 10 less damage from attacks and cannot fall down from having its stats fall below 1. However, their moves speed is HALF the normal speed of a T-rex because of it and they take a -2 to agility for acrobatics and movement tricks.

Pirex SMASH! (Passive): Pi-rexes don't understand insults, but that doesn't keep it from angering them. Anytime they are victim to a verbal damage. The Pi-rex gains a +2 to hit and +10 damage against that target for 1 attack. They will attack this target if they can. They are still immune to all other mental effect except irritation.