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Tier: Boss
More powerful version of Mermaids that use their song to hypnotize their foes.


Life: 140
Reaction: 5

Body: 4
Agility: 6
Precision: 4
Will: 10


Level 1

Swim Like a Fish (Passive): Mermaids swims at normal move speed but move at half speed on land.

Level 3

Tail Slap (Cost 3): Mermaids have tails that allow them to slap their foes for 15 damage.

Beautiful Serenade (Cost 15): The Siren belts out a beautiful song and heals all allies for 10 life.

Level 4

Trident Stab (Cost 5): Mermaids carry might tridents that allow them to stab their foes for 20 damage.

Lightning Strike (Cost 10): Mermaids have the ability to fire lightning out of their tridents. This flies in a straight line for 100 squares. Any entity in the line of the attack takes 20 damage. Roll precision to hit.

Level 5

Ridiculous Sex Appeal (Passive): Mermaids have a certain mystical appeal, when attack by people that would be reasonably attracted to them, the opponent takes a permenant -2 to hit them.

Melodic Mind Control (Cost: 20): Sirens have the ability to sway the hearts of men with their song. Make an opposed Will check against a male character at a -2. If this succeeds. The target must perform one action of the Siren's choosing. On successive turns, the Siren can make more commands, but must make a Will check each time at the same -2. If the target ever succeeds, the control is broken.

Pacify Armies (Cost 30): Sirens give out a beautiful song. Make an opposed Will check at -4. Anyone that fails loses their entire turn as they are helpless to listen to the song. Furthermore, all agility is at a -2 for the purposes of dodging.