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Tier: Boss
A large scaly lizard with a long tail, a mean bite, and short arms.


Life: 280
Reaction: 5

Body: 10
Agility: 2
Precision: 4
Will: 4


Level 1

Tail Swipe (Cost 8): The T-rex swings its tail at a -1 to hit and hits everyone in range for 10 damage.

Level 2

Chomp Chomp (Cost 8): The T-rex bite an opponent for 15 damage.

Level 3

Step on It! (Passive): Everything that's in the T-rexes way when it makes a move action must make an agility check of 10 or be stomped on when it moves for 5 damage.

Level 4

Mighty Leap (Cost 20): The T-rex leaps into the air and lands with a terrible force. Everything within 10 squares of the T-rex takes 30 damage.

Level 5

Bite and Hold (Cost 25): The T-rex bites a victim at a -2 for 40 damage. The victim is caught in the T-rex's mouth and unable to move until they can beat the T-rex in an opposed check against its body with either their body or agility score. The T-rex cannot bite while something is in it's mouth.

Small Brain No Good For Think-Making (Passive): T-rexes are immune to all mental effects save irritation.

Scaly Hide (Passive): T-Rexes take 5 less damage from all attacks.