THE Bear

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Tier: Encounter
A legendary bear that has been attacked, beaten, and abused by several adventurers. Despite it all, this bear has survived all of that and keeps coming back for more. Highly territorial and holds a heavy grudge against all that cross it.


Life: 140
Reaction: 4

Body: 10
Agility: 4
Precision: 4
Will: 4


Level 1:

Good Climber (Passive): The Bear gains a +2 to all climb checks.

Level 3

Bear Claw (Cost 3): This attack does 15 damage.

Level 4

THE Bear Rush (Cost 8): The bear uses the force of a charge to trample it's foes and claw them mercilessly. This attack can only be done if the bear charged the target in a straight line, but does 25 damage. The Bear can also push the target the full length of the charge until it hits a solid object. This does no extra damage but moves the target.

Frantic Maulings (Cost 8): The bear, angered by the presence of multiple targets attacks all foes within 2 squares of it for 15 damage.

Crazy Rage (Variable): The bear goes into a crazy rage in order to do more damage. For every 5 life sacrificed, the next attack that successfully hits will do 5 extra damage.

Level 5

Thick Fat (Passive): Bears have a thick coat that reduces all damage from all physical or energy based attacks by 5.

Survivor (Passive): This Bear has survived a lot of horrible pain and without the assistance of others. This bear gains a +1 to combat rolls as long as it is alone.