The Kraken

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Tier: Boss
A Colossal and Legendary sea monster that has dozens of tentacles, a beak, and can swallow ships whole.


Life: 700
Reaction: 2

Body: 10
Agility: 1
Precision: 2
Will: 4

Note: The Kraken is waterborne will always fight in the middle of a large body of salt water. It cannot appear out of the water.


Level 2

Tentacle Slap (Cost 5): The Kraken does a basic attack and slaps a foe with its tentacle for 15 damage.

Level 3

Fear the Beak! (Cost 15): Few Pirates get to see the Kraken's frightening maw, and fewer have lived to tell the tale. Resolve the attack at a -4 to hit. This attack does 50 damage.

Fling Them! (Cost 15): This attack does 20 damage and hits at a -2, but if it hits, the Kraken flings the target 20 squares in a random direction into the middle of the ocean.

Level 4

Break the Ship (Cost 20): The Kraken can destroy a major section of a ship with a single attack. Any ship smaller than a fully-crewed pirate ship will be instantly shattered. Pirate ships can take 3 such attacks before sinking. Ships of “Indestructible Quality” (see Craftsmen) can survive 8 such attacks.

Sweep the Deck (Cost 30): The Kraken can sweep one of its massive tentacles across the deck and hit every single target within it's massive reach. All targets within 100 squares take 20 damage.

Level 5

Scales of a God (Passive): The Kraken takes 10 less damage from all attacks.

Tentacle Barrage (Cost 50): The Kraken can use all of its tentacles above the water to unleash 8 melee attacks that do 20 damage each when they hit.

Finish the Extras (Cost 100): The Kraken is vicious and isn't afraid to use it's full might against a target. Any character that doesn't specifically have a name before this attack is declared (ie. Not important enough for the GM or players to name) but is actively fighting the Kraken is taken immediately down to an unconscious state. If this is used a second time. Every one of those extras is killed.