Thunder Oni

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Tier: Encounter

Giant Ogre like monsters that carry a club and have powerful lightning fields around them.


Life: 180
Reaction: 2

Body: 10
Agility: 2
Precision: 2
Will: 2

Notes: Thunder Onis channel raw electrical energy and take 25 less damage from electrical based attacks. Onis, unlike most monsters can talk and are extremely vulnerable to psychological attacks and insults.


Level 1

Oni Swing (Cost 2): This attack does 15 damage but rolls to hit at a -2

Level 2

Batter Up (Cost 5): The Oni uses it's massive strength to hit the opponent for 20 damage at a -2 to hit. The opponent flies back a number of squares equal to half the damage they took.

Level 3

Quick Swing (Cost 6): The Oni tries for accuracy and hits for 10 damage at a +2 to hit.

Lightning Field (Cost 10): This attack does 15 lightning damage to everyone adjacent to the Oni.

Lightning Bolt (Cost 6): The Oni throws a bolt of lightning within 10 squares and does 15 lightning damage.

Level 4

Lightning Swing (Cost 12): This attack swing super quick for a +2 to hit and does 20 lightning damage.

Level 5

Big and Burly (Passive): Onis are tough and take 3 less damage from all physical attacks (For a total of 7 damage reduction when at full body).