Two-Eyed Pete

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The Dreaded Pirate, Two-Eyed Pete:

Two-eye Pete is everything every pirate wants to be. He's charming, he's talented, he's athletic, he's clever, and he can outdrink an entire tavern. His very will shakes the foundation of the Earth.

His rather unusual nickname is one of great respect and a rather big insight into his psyche. Two-eyed Pete does indeed have both of his eyes intact. However, most people wouldn't know this from meeting him. Most of the time when Two-Eyed Pete shows up in public, he is seen wearing an eyepatch. For the longest time in his career, people thought this was because he had lost that eye. The truth came out when he fought an opponent that looked like he might defeat Two-eyed Pete (known then as just Hard Luck Pete). It looked certain that Pete had been defeated when he removed the eyepatch to reveal a healthy eye. Pete had only been wearing the eyepatch as a handicap to his foe. Without depth perception, he was significantly handicapped. His foe, a man named "Swift Hands Mackenzie", had proven himself worthy of a true fight. He was quickly and soundly defeated by Two-eyed Pete, who gained his new nickname at the same time.

Two-eyed Pete continued this style of fighting up until his disappearance. Some people have even provided as little of a challenge that Pete felt it necessary to wear a blindfold.

While not as thoughtful or clever as the other two great heroes, Two-Eyed Pete is still surprisingly clever and quite the inventor. While he is responsible for some of the more obnoxious and boorish techniques out there, a lot of people forget that Pete also founded G&W (Goggles and Wrench. The guild responsible for the invention of steam hydraulics).

Eternally attractive, Two-eyed Pete found himself with no shortage of potential lovers of both sexes, but there is no record of Pete having any significant other. Baffled as to why, some Pirates believe that behind such a great man, there may have been an even greater woman or even man. Others just choose to believe that romance got in the way of his spirit of adventure. Others still believe that Pete had his heart broken as a young boy and swore never to love again. Regardless, his face is still used as an advertising symbol for many.

G&W has continued to run fine even after the disappearance of their leader. Some say that some of the older members of the Guild even know of Two-eyed Pete's whereabouts. If they do. No one's telling.