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Tier: Encounter Velociraptors are vicious dinosaurs about the size of a horse that hunt in packs, they love to use their mob tactics to defeat their foes.


Life: 100
Reaction: 4

Body: 6
Agility: 4
Precision: 4
Will: 4


Level 1

Tail Swipe (Cost 4): The raptor swings its tail and hits everyone adjacent to it for 10 damage.

Follow the Scent(Passive): Raptors are excellent hunters and can smell their prey. Raptors gain a +2 to precision to spot prey.

Level 2

Raptor Claw (Cost 6): The raptor swings its might claws and hits one adjacent target for 15 damage.

Level 3

Raptor Leap (Cost 10): The raptor leaps forward up to 10 squares and viciously attacks its prey with its hind legs and claws. This attack does 20 damage.

Light Bones (Passive): Raptors have hollow bones and take no damage when they fall. Raptors suffer no damage or penalties when falling from large heights.

Level 4

Watch Ye Raptor Flank (Cost 8): This attack is similar to the Pirate Ability “Watch Ye Flank”. If two raptors surround an opponent on opposite sides, they can use this ability to add 15 extra damage to their attack if they go at the same time. The difference is that they don't have to be in melee range to use this.

Level 5

Raptor Mob Tactics (Passive): Raptors are vicious hunters that know how to fight together with ruthless efficiency. For every OTHER raptor that is conscious and nearby when a Raptor attacks, all the Raptor's attacks gain 1 damage.

Raptor Maul (Cost 20): The Raptor unleashes its full rage and attacks at a -2 to hit and does 30 damage. However, the victim of this attack must make an opposed body check against the raptor if this hits. If they do not succeed, the target is pinned down and the raptor can will automatically hit with this attack until the target makes the body check.