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Wanderer Culture

Naming Conventions: Wanderers mostly have normal names like "John". This is because Wanderers, more than anyone else, are likely to take up traditional jobs that are required for a stable town and economy. This doesn't mean they aren't extraordinary. Due to the laws of the universe, EVERYONE is extraordinary at something. This goes without saying. There's no need for John the shopkeep to have a nickname. Everyone already knows John makes the best chairs in town that stay intact when the rest of the tavern burns down. He doesn't need a nickname. Everyone knows which John you're talking about.

The Wanderers that do decide to go out and travel are still prone to nicknames though. There's no real rhyme or reason on their names though. It just whatever they feel like calling themselves. The Raven got his nickname for his general cleverness and his constant moving from town to town. It's just something that stuck.

Attitudes: Wanderer attitudes come in 2 flavors. Balance and Apathy. Some Wanderers want to change the laws of the world. They see truth in both the paths of the Ninjas and the Pirates and even go so far as to see similarities. They may be onto something. As free as Pirates are, they still like to stick to the idea of "honor amongst thieves" and can be unshakably loyal to their companions. On the other hand, Ninjas with all their law and tradition, love the thrill of a job and the acquirement of a new treasure or technique. These Wanderers want to see the war between the two sides end, or even want to ascend to that impossible concept, the Ninja-Pirate.

Other Wanderers just don't give a crap. This isn't so much Apathy as necessity. Society doesn't run well in extremes and middle of the road average Joes are necessary for the world to run. As mentioned before, everyone in this universe is extraordinary at something, but not everyone feels the need to apply it to war or adventure. These people are content with having kids, owning stores, or just wandering the world taking in its beauty without having to worry about anything complex.

Of course, people in this last group can often be incredibly powerful to survive the harsh atmosphere of the world and find themselves frequently caught up in conflicts as Wandering strangers. Sometimes they'll end up helping Pirates. Sometimes they'll end up helping Ninjas. It all really depends on the circumstances and who gives the Wanderer some food and a bed (or who has the more attractive people).

Territories: The Wanderers originally did just that. Wander. However, a good majority of them live in what most people would call normal cities. Pirates and Ninjas are allowed to come and go through the city as they please, but very frequently choose not to settle down in these cities for a lack of satisfaction for their own principles. They're too organic for Ninjas' liking, and they're too quiet for Pirates' liking. These range from trade outposts to full-blown kingdoms.

Although, oddly, a lot of farmboys in these towns seem to take up the mantle of "adventurer". It's a weird phenomena that no one can really explain.

Wanderer Factions:

Drunken Masters: A bit different from the Drunkarrds, Drunken Masters prefer to use their love of alcohol to increase their agility, flexibility, and unpredictability. They've mastered the entire thing into a fighting art that is as ridiculous as it is deadly. Ninjas desire their arts for their potency and grace, but are often unwilling to put up with the ridiculous techniques and training to learn it while Drunkarrds just are too drunk to care.

Wandering Minstrels: A good portion of Ninja know of the Rokinja, but what the majority of them don't know is that the style was inspired by the Wandering Minstrels of the Wanderers. The Wandering Minstrels are powerful foes that use their soothing voice to weave tales, control minds, and bolster allies. While some people find them silly, their arts can be quite deadly in application. Needless to say, large-scale fights between Rokinja, Charreographers, and Wandering Minstrels are as epic as they are musical.

Craftsmen: A common school studied by peasants and commoners. The Craftsmen are a united group that believe in doing one thing and doing it well. They craft. While not a very combat-oriented group, the Craftsmen are well-respected by almost everyone. Those that don't respect them quickly learn to do so the hard way. A vast majority of goods are made by Craftsmen. Piss one off, and you may find yourself in a leaky boat. On top of that, older Craftsmen seem to have the supernatural power to become powerful when in their store or tavern.

Luckies: Not particularly talented or smart, no one can really tell if someone is a Lucky or just an idiot until it's too late. Luckies don't so much as train as choose to relax and enjoy themselves. Some believe this puts the Luckies in tune with the true nature of the universe, but the Luckies think that's too complicated to bother with. Whether it's intentional or not, Luckies are incredibly powerful and have the ability to turn the tide of probability itself. Fate demands that they survive.

Gamblers: Well-loved friends of pirates and enemies of their pocket books. Gamblers have a soft-spot for games and love to challenge opponents to them whenever they can. Some may think that this would make them lousy combatants, but their loves of games of chance has given them a rare insight into combat. Masters of hidden and thrown weapons and risky gambits, gamblers are one of the most unusual things anyone could hope to fight. God help you if he's a Lucky and a Gambler.

Weapon Masters: No summary yet.

Alchemists: Men of Science beyond the mechanical realm of Gunnars seekers of immortality and great powers. They use potions and salves to cure any ailment and give their friends or themselves fantastic powers. Alchemists are well known for their ability to hit opponents with all sorts of elemental attacks.