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Tier: Boss
A monstrous 3-legged Raven that is said to be sent as a messenger from the Gods. Some legends even say the Raven keeps one as a pet as a joke on his name.


Life: 240
Reaction: 7

Body: 6
Agility: 7
Precision: 6
Will: 6

Note: While there are smaller varieties, when an adventurer references the Yatagarasu with any kind of respect, they're probably talking about this one. About 2/3rds the size of a T-rex. The Yatagarasu also takes a -4 to all dodges if its grounded in some way and can no longer fly.


Level 1

Tricky Frame (Passive): Despite it's size, the Yatagarasu is quite agile and slippery. The Yatagarasu gains a +2 to avoid capture or being held in place.

Level 2

Acrobatic Flier (Passive): Yatagarasu are master fliers despite their size and can duck and weave through all but the smallest holes for it. Whenever a Yatagarasu must fly through a thick area like a forest, as long as there is SOME room for it to move, the Yatagarasu can fly through.

Super Speedy Escape (Passive): When using both move actions to move in a round, the Yatagarasu moves at 3 move actions instead of 2.

Dark Sight (Passive): While not perfect, the Yatagarasu can see in the dark without any penalties. In regular darkness, the Yatagarasu suffers no penalties. In absolute darkness, or the kind caused by an abilty, the Yatagarasu can see the location of targets and suffers only a -1 to precision.

Level 3

Beak Grapple (Cost 10): The Yatagarasu attacks to hit. If the Yatagarasu hits, it makes an opposed Body check against the target. Once grappled, the target can attack the Yatagarasu but cannot move. They can spend their move action attempting to escape, but after the initial body check, the check is made at a -2 to the victim's body. Up to 2 targets can be grappled at once.

Wing Slap (Cost 15): The Yatagarasu's wings are powerful and allow it hits its foes for massive damage. This attack hits a 2 x 2 square area in melee range and does 15 damage to everything in that area on a successful hit.

Beak Peck (Cost 10): The Yatagarasu reels back and hits an opponent with its beak. This deal 20 damage.

Level 4

Rending Claws (Cost 15): The Yatagarasu flies at its prey and starts tearing it apart with its three taloned legs. This attack does 30 damage.

Heart-Shattering Call (Cost 15): The Yatagarasu lets out a frightening call to all that can hear it. On an attack action, make opposed Will checks against the Yatagarasu. Anyone that fails it takes a -2 on all rolls against the Yatagarasu for the next 2 turns.

Level 5

Raven Dive (Cost 20): The Yatagarasu moves past its target while attacking simultaneously. This attack can be done in the middle of a move action and does 35 damage.

Gale Force Wings (Cost 20): The Yatagarasu flaps its wings with massive power and generates a gale force tornado in front of it. This hits 3 square width line in front of the Yatagarasu and does 30 damage to anyone that fails an agility check. Furthermore, all people that fail are blown back 10 squares.

Gravity is Not Your Friend (Cost 20): The Yatagarasu can only use this attack if the target is grappled and if the Yatagarasu is in the air. From there, the Yatagarasu drops the target from up high and gravity and the solid ground do the rest. Unless someone can specifically stop the effect of the fall, the target drops to the ground and must make a 15 agility check or take 50 damage. If they succeed, they still take 25 unless they have some way to break their fall.

Flight (Cost 3/turn): Yatagarasu can use their powerful wings to fly. This is more representative of complex flight. Just gliding from place to place with minimal wing flapping does not require life cost.